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When Phoebe starts receiving anonymous letters, she never once thinks the most irresponsible man in London is her correspondent. Or that she will fall in love with him.

Phoebe Kimball grew up believing in love, but after failing to find a gentleman capable of capturing her heart, she has turned more practical than romantic. She is determined to find a husband in London this Season. If only the annoying Mr. Fenwick would stop appearing every time she sets her cap at someone! When an anonymous letter arrives warning her that her current target is unsuitable marital material, Phoebe begins


If you are yet to read a Jody Hedlund novel you are missing out! If you love your historical romance with detailed historicity, intriguing characters, strong spiritual threads, and oh so many romantic moments, then add Jody’s entire backlist to your TBRs.

A Bride of Convenience is the third story in Jody’s four book Bride Ships series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading A Reluctant Bride and The Runaway Bride, and hope to read A Bride of Convenience soon, especially as Abe and Zoe take front and centre. While you get the full effect from reading the series in …




Sometimes It’s the Right Guy, but the Wrong Time…

Bryn Bailey has taken a special father-daughter trip to his beloved Alaska every five years of her life. There he taught her to appreciate the wild, rugged country that surrounds their remote cabin on Summit Lake—just outside of Talkeetna—and created treasured memories.

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Who could build a life on such a monumental mistake?

Jackson Murphy: family prankster, class clown… and now, smack in the middle of a Vegas-sized mess. All he’d wanted was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After failing that goal, he slipped into a deep, sulking valley, only to emerge from it with a much bigger problem. He’s married. To a complete stranger! Forget making a world-class marathon so that his family will believe that (1) he’s capable of being grown up and serious on occasion and (2) he doesn’t need the ongoing pity about his brother and a

Character Spotlight: Beth K. Vogt’s Thatcher Sisters (with giveaway)


Beth K. Vogt’s women’s fiction series is complete with the release of Johanna’s story, The Best We’ve Been. Many readers are calling this the best book of the series, focusing on the eldest Thatcher sister who faces a dilemma that will impact her life and that of her younger sister, Jillian.

Beth writes authentically and from the heart – don’t miss this series completion! Thanks to Tyndale House, we are giving away a copy of The Best We’ve Been, so be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

Enjoy meeting Johanna, Jillian, and Payton through the eyes …

Cover Art & Book News: Bethany House

There’s nothing quite like seeing a new batch of covers and stories to boost my book-loving heart, and don’t we need a boost these days.

Bethany House’s early 2021 covers have been out and about for a while, but I love seeing them all in one hit, which is why I continue to create these posts and I hope you love them too!

My standout in this group is Prince of Spies…I don’t think I need to explain why 😉 There’s just something about a well-dressed man, and there’s just an elegance to the covers in this complete series …